Coaching Point – Experience

In this video, Jerry Terry, the CEO of Decathlon Construction, waxes poetic about the power of experience in the service industry using a Javelin as a demonstration.  Jerry had 8 years of previous experience throwing a Javelin, and even after 18 years away from his last competitive event, that experience leads to a successful attempt.

This same philosophy applies with service industry products.  The more times that a company has been through it’s process, the better and more well oiled it gets.  A company is only as good as it’s process will allow.  You can have the best sales people or the best craftsmen, but without pointed experience going through the entire process as it runs into the thousands of potential issues that come up from start to finish, the end user experience will not be optimal.

At Decathlon Construction, we understand that while no day will every be perfect, we can in fact create a perfect process.  A process that sees us go ALL IN to get to our end result, which is the best possible experience for the customer, from beginning to end…. and beyond!